Talks and Presentations by Kenneth G. Rehor

  • Nuance V-World Conference (May 01, 2003, San Francisco, California): XHTML+Voice : Standards for Multimodality (PPT)
  • SD Forum Voice SIG (September 18, 2002, Palo Alto, California): Voice and Multimodal Standards (PDF)
  • VoiceXML Forum Users Group Meeting (May 08, 2002, San Jose, California)
    VoiceXML Forum Conformance Activities; Voice Browser Interoperation
  • VoiceXML Planet 2002 Conference & Expo (March 20-22, 2002, San Jose, California): Leveraging VoIP networks for VoiceXML Applications (PDF)by RJ Auburn and Ken Rehor
  • SpeechTek 2001 (October 23-25, 2001, New York City): Where is VoiceXML Going? (panel moderator)
  • VoiceXML Forum Users Group Meeting (April 05, 2001, San Jose, California): VoiceXML Forum Conformance Activities (PDF)
  • Telephony Voice User Interface Conference (February 07, 2001, Scottsdale, Arizona): Requirements for an Effective VoiceXML Platform
  • SpeechTek 2000 (November 2000, New York City): VoiceXML and the Voice-enabled Web (PDF)
  • Internet Telephony Expo (October 2000, San Diego, California): Introduction to VoiceXML
  • AVIOS 2000 (May 2000, San Jose, California): Building Speech Recognition Telephony Applications with the Voice eXtensible Markup Language (PDF) (afternoon tutorial)
  • CSUN Center On Disabilities Conference 2000 (March 24, 2000, Los Angeles, California): VoiceXML And TelePortal: Using Speech Recognition To Access Web-Based Information Via Standard Telephones, by Kenneth Rehor and Jania Sajka
  • Loyola University of Chicago, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
      - CS388: Internet Programming -- guest lecturer Fall 1998, Spring 1999, Fall 1999
      (Taught web-based telephone service programming using PML and TelePortal)

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