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VoiceXML News

Latest press releases


VoiceXML-related Events, Seminars, Talks, Webcasts

Event Date Location Sponsor
Voice Search Conference Mar 10 - 12, 2008 San Diego Marriott Hotel & Marina TMA Associates
VoiceCon Orlando Mar 17 - 20, 2008 Gaylord Palms Hotel, Orlando, FL

SpeechTek 2008

Aug 18 - 20, 2008

Marriott Marquis

New York City

VoiceCon San Francisco

Nov 10 - 13, 2008

San Francisco, California USA



VoiceXML-related specifications



VoiceXML 1.0  (W3C HTML version)  (original PDF version)
  • 0.9 (August 1999)
  • 1.0 (July 2000)
VoiceXML Forum
VoiceXML 2.0


VoiceXML 2.1


Speech Recognition Grammar Specification

Candidate Recommendation 2002 June 26 (HTML)

Speech Synthesis Markup Language Specification (SSML)

Last Call Working Draft 2002 December 02 (HTML)

Call Control eXtensible Markup Language (CCXML)

Working Draft 2002 Oct 11 (HTML)
Semantic Interpretation

Working Draft 2001 Nov 16 (HTML)
Multimodal Integration Requirements

Working Draft 2003 Jan 10 (HTML)

VoiceXML in Multimodal Systems

XHTML+Voice Profile 1.0
W3C Note 2001 December 21 (HTML)
IBM, Motorola, Opera Software
IBM Multimodal VoiceXML Browser IBM
Kirusa MultiModal Platform Kirusa
x|mode Network Server 2.0  Lobby7
Vialto Multimodal Server  Vialto

VoiceXML Books and Reports

Book Title Publisher (date) Author(s)
VoiceXML 2.0: Konzeption, Projektmethodik und Programmierung von Sprachdialogsystemen

Galileo Press
ISBN 3-89842-293-3
494 pages

Ernst Maracke
Definitive VoiceXML

Prentice Hall
June 17, 2002
ISBN 0130092622
685 pages

James A. Larson
VoiceXML: Introduction to Developing Speech Applications

Prentice Hall
June 17, 2002
ISBN 0130092622
685 pages

James A. Larson
VoiceXML: 10 Projects to Voice Enable Your Website

June 15, 2002
ISBN 0471207373
352 pages

Mark Miller
VoiceXML 2.0 Developer's Guide : Building Professional Voice Enabled Applications With JSP, ASP and Coldfusion

Osborne McGraw-Hill
June 13, 2002
ISBN 0072224584
358 pages

VoiceXML: Developer's Guide with CD-ROM

Dec 7, 2001
ISBN 0471418935
384 pages

Chetan Sharma, Jeff Kunins
Voice Enabling Web Applications: VoiceXML and Beyond (with CD-ROM)

ISBN 1893115739
Nov 15, 2001
264 pages

Kenneth R. Abbott
Voice Application Development with VoiceXML Sams Publishing
Aug 20, 2001
ISBN 0672321386
400 pages
Rick Beasley, Kenneth Michael Farley, John O'Reilly, Leon Squire
Early Adopter VoiceXML Wrox
Aug 2001
ISBN 1861005628
300 pages
Stephen Breitenbach, et. al.
Report Title Publisher (date) Author(s)
Talking to Dollars: Speech Recognition Market Overview, Segmentation, and Forecast In-Stat/MDR (May 2002)  
VoiceXML and SALT: Two Standards That Will Turn Speech Upside Down In-Stat/MDR (Dec 2001)  
VoiceXML Aspatore Books (Dec 2001) Alex Laats
The Business Benefits of VoiceXML Differentia LLC (Oct 2001)  
An Introduction to Voice Portals and VoiceXML (PDF) Differentia LLC (Oct 2001)  
VoiceXML is a Key Catalyst for Growth in the Voice-Based Services Market DVG Research (Nov 2000)  

(Note: Links to vendors provided for informational purposes only.)

VoiceXML Online Publications, Articles and Tutorials

Title Publication/Sponsor
VoiceXML Review online e-zine, edited by Jonathan Englesma VoiceXML Forum
What is VoiceXML? by Ken Rehor VoiceXML Review, January 2001 (VoiceXML Forum)
Speech-Enabled Services Using TelePortal Software and VoiceXML (PDF), by T. J. Ball, V. Bonnewell, P. J. Danielsen, P. A. Mataga, K. G. Rehor Bell Labs Technical Journal, September 2000
(Bell Labs / Lucent Technologies)
The Promise of a Voice-Enabled Web (PDF), by Peter J. Danielsen IEEE Computer magazine,
August 2000
Audio Production for Voice Applications & VoiceXML
VoiceXML: An Emerging Standard for Creating Voice Applications BeVocal
VoiceXML and the Voice-driven Internet by David Houlding Dr. Dobb's Journal April 2001
Creating VoiceXML Apps with Perl by Kip Hampton August 9, 2001
Hello, Voice World by Didier Martin September 6, 2000
Adapting Content for VoiceXML by Didier Martin August 23, 2000
Write Once, Publish Anywhere by Didier Martin August 16, 2000
(all by Eric Burger) Snowshore Networks


VoiceXML-related training courses

Specification Organization
Passport VoiceXML Dexem (France)
Executive Briefing and Seminars Ernst Maracke (Germany)
VoiceXML Bootcamp Ferrum Group
VoiceXML Application Development Genesys Telecom
VoiceXML Workshops Larson Technical Services
VoiceXML Training Lever (UK)
Nuance Speech University Nuance Communications
SpeechWorks Education Services SpeechWorks

VoiceXML-based Deployed Applications

Voice Service Location Phone number


Sponsor Developer / Host /
AT&T Toll Free Directory Assistance (voice front-end to live operators) USA 1-800-555-1212

TMAA Speech Recognition Update #100 (Oct 2001)

AT&T Tellme Networks
AT&T Wireless #121 Service USA #121

AT&T Wireless Services Tellme Networks
AT&T Worldnet Web Access By Phone USA (demo)

AT&T Worldnet VoiceGenie (platform)
BellSouth Info by Voice Atlanta, Ga, USA press "6" from BellSouth voicemail main menu BellSouth press release (Apr 3, 2002)
Total Telecom (Feb 26, 2002)
BellSouth BeVocal
BeVocal Voice Portal USA 1-800-4BVOCAL BeVocal BeVocal
State of Delaware Voice Portal Delaware, USA

1-866-276-2353 (anywhere in US)

Delaware Polling Place finder [pdf]

Delaware Department of Technology and Information

BeVocal (platform)

Friends Reunited friend relocation service


0871 271 8000 (UK)

+44 870 055 3222 (worldwide)

Aculab press release [pdf] (Nov 27, 2002)

Friends Reunited




i-TIM Voice Portal Italy   Loquendo press release (Mar 1, 2002) Telecom Italia Mobile

Telecom Italia Mobile using Loquendo's VoxNauta VoiceXML platform UK, France + 44 870 872 6313 Communications Convergence (Aug 4, 2002)

Broca Networks
(using Nuance Voice Web Server platform)

OnStar Personal Calling

OnStar Virtual Advisor

USA OnStar button in specially equipped vehicles

General Magic OnStar demo

OnStar General Magic
Orange "OrangeWorld" UK 177 on OrangeUK mobile

Orange Voice Services

Lucent press release (Apr 17, 2001)



(using MiLife™ VoiceXML Gateway from Lucent)

Qwest Wireless Voice Calling

Qwest Wireless Voice Browsing

USA *WWW on Qwest mobile Qwest press release (Mar 21, 2001)
Qwest press release (Oct 30, 2000)
Qwest Wireless BeVocal
Simitel Latin America - Simitel Simitel
Sprint PCS Voice Portal USA via Voice Command on SprintPCS mobile HeyAnita press release (Apr 09, 2001) SprintPCS HeyAnita
Talk-n-Ride Denver, Colorado, USA 1-888-RTD-TRIP
Voxeo press release (Jan 18, 2001)
Denver RTD user info
Denver Regional Transportation District


Tellme 1-800-555-TELL USA 1-800-555-TELL


Tellme Networks Tellme Networks
Tiscali by Phone Italy Italy Tiscali S.p.A Tiscali S.p.A
Travel Shenandoah: Virginia's 511 Traveler Information Virginia, USA

511 (in Virginia)


Virginia Department of Transportation press release (Feb 15, 2001)

US Department of Transportation Case Study

Virginia Department of Transportation

Tellme Networks

Utah's 511 Traveler Information Utah, USA

511 (in Utah)

1-866-511-UTAH (anywhere in US)

Utah Department of Transportation

Tellme Networks

Voice Gear by Verizon Wireless

USA   Verizon Wireless press release (Oct 17, 2002) Verizon Wireless


VoiceNet Canada   TMAA Speech Recognition Update #103 (Jan 2002) Bell Mobility and
Bell Canada

Bell Canada and Nuance

VoiceWeb Greece +30 (01) 810-8000 VoiceWeb S.A. VoiceWeb S.A.
Voizi Japan +81 0088-36-8839 Japan Telecom Japan Telecom
Yahoo by Phone USA 1-800-MY-YAHOO Yahoo!

Yahoo! and Nuance

VoiceXML Platforms


HW/SW platform

SW-only platform Developer site, tools, and documentation Platform /
Avaya Avaya™ Interactive Response (PDF)     OpenVXI interpreter  
BeVocal   Foundation Platform BeVocal Cafe
1-877-33-VOCAL, (+1) 408-907-7328
(+44) 20-7961-3985
BeVocal Nuance
Channel Access VoiceCaster (PDF)     Nuance Nuance
Cambridge VoiceTech Voice Gateway   Voice Studio    
Cisco Voice Gateway   Cisco VoiceXML Reference Cisco  
Comverse Tel@Go (PDF)     Comverse Nuance,
CMG Wireless Unified Communication Platform        
CTI Labs VoiceXML platform        
Elinpar QCall® Platform        
FrontWorks InTouch Voice Platform   vStudio    
Genesys/Telera Genesys Voice Portal   DeVXchange Genesys Nuance,
Holly Connects Holly Voice Platform Holly Voice Platform     Nuance (new, classic)., Speechworks, Lumenvox, others
IBM Websphere Voice Server™   WebSphere Voice Toolkit IBM IBM
IP Unity Harmony6000™ Media Server (PDF)        
Idylic Phonic Telecom Voice Platform     Idylic  
Intervoice OneVoice® platform   Intervoice-Brite press release (June 11, 2002) IVB Nuance,
Jinny Software Ltd. Voice Services Platform (PDF)        
Konan Technology Voice Park        
Loquendo VoxNauta™   Loquendo C@fe Loquendo Loquendo
Lucent Technologies

Teleportal™ Solution (PDF)

MiLife™ VoiceXML Gateway

    Lucent/Bell Labs Lucent
Motorola   VoiceXML
interpreter only
  Motorola Nuance,
NMS Communications HearSay     NMS  
Netcentrex SVI™ VoIP/PSTN Media Server   Netcentrex press release (2001 Sept 18)    
Nuance Communications   Nuance Voice Platform™   Nuance Nuance
The Plum Group Plum IVR        
SandCherry, Inc.   SoftServer platform      
SnowShore Networks N20 Media Server        
SoftVoice Systems   EXpress 2.0     Nuance,
Syntellect Vista
    Motorola interpreter  
Telisma X X   Telisma Telisma
Verascape VeraServ™     Motorola interpreter Nuance
Vialto Carrier and Enterprise multimodal servers        
Visibridge VoiceXML Gateway        
Voceweb VEBtube™   Veb Studio    
Voice3G VoiceCube™        


VoiceGenie Gateway   VoiceGenie Developer Workshop
(+1) 416-736-9731
VoiceGenie Nuance,
Phonetic Systems,
Voizi (Japan Telecom)   X Voizi Lab
(+81) 0088-36-8840
Nuance Nuance
Voxeo   Prophecy Software Platform Voxeo Community


voxBuilder VoiceXML Gateway

SpeechSuite on-premisis platform

  voxBuilder Online Developer Environment (ODE) Voxpilot  

VoiceXML Voice Service Providers

Vendor Service Name Developer site, tools, and documentation



DTD Voice Sites Site Builder Nuance Nuance  
Bell Canada VoiceNet   Nuance Nuance  
Broca Networks VoiceWeb hosting        
Call Interactive   technology overview      
Convergys SpeechPort   Convergys Nuance,
FrontWorks Speech Factory vStudio      
HeyAnita Service Bureau Freespeech Developer Network HeyAnita Nuance, SpeechWorks 1.0
Intervoice-Brite CeASP Intervoice-Brite press release (June 11, 2002) IVB Nuance, SpeechWorks  
Loquendo Voice ASP Loquendo C@fe Loquendo Loquendo  
NetbyTel NetByTel® Connected™ platform     SpeechWorks  
Message Technologies, Inc. VoiceXML Hosting   VoiceGenie    
The Plum Group hosting services        
Tellme Networks Tellme Voice Application Network (PDF)

Tellme Studio


Tellme Nuance 1.0 2.0
Vail Systems Voice Hosting Vail Labs Vail Systems


GenieHosting™ (PDF) VoiceGenie Developer Workshop
(+1) 416-736-9731
VoiceGenie SpeechWorks
Phonetic Systems
AT&T Watson
1.0 2.0
Voizi (Japan Telecom) Voizi Net Voizi Lab
(+81) 0088-36-8840
Nuance Nuance  
Voxeo Voxeo Community Nuance
Voxpilot voxBuilder VSP voxBuilder Online Developer Environment (ODE)




West     West    
Worldcom Voice Portal        

VoiceXML Free/OpenSource/Educational implementations

Project Organization Location
ELVIRA - VoiceXML interpreter Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic
openVXI - VoiceXML Interpreter Carnegie-Melon University Department of Computer Science Speech Group Pittsburgh, PA, USA
publicVoiceXML - VoiceXML platform Public Voice Lab Vienna, Austria
sipvxml - SIP-based VoiceXML Interpreter Columbia University Department of Computer Science NYC, USA

VoiceXML Development Tools

Vendor Development tool or website description
Audium Corporation Audium Central Java-based VoiceXML tools and components
BeVocal BeVocal Cafe Online development tools, components, debugger, documentation
Cambridge VoiceTech Voice Studio PC-based VoiceXML tools and components

FreeSpeech Developer Network™

Online development tools, components, debugger, documentation
Applied Computer Science Department,
Illinois State University
VoiceXML Builder PC-based VoiceXML tool
IBM WebSphere Voice Toolkit PC-based VoiceXML tools and components
Nuance Communications

V-Builder™ (datasheet - PDF)

PC-based VoiceXML tool
SandCherry, Inc.


PC-based VoiceXML tool
Telera DeVXchange AppBuilder™ PC-based VoiceXML tool and online development tools, components, debugger, documentation
Tellme Networks Tellme Studio Online development tools, components, debugger, documentation
Vail Systems Vail Labs  
VoiceGenie Online development tools, components, PC-based debugger, documentation
Voxeo Community Online development tools, components, debugger, documentation
Voxpilot voxBuilder PC-based VoiceXML tools and components

VoiceXML Applications, Application Servers, and Components



Audium Corporation VoiceXML Application Server, OAM&P, reporting and logging tools
Cambridge VoiceTech VoiceXML tools and components
ConPalabras Internet Explorer VoiceXML plug-in for desktop voice browsing
Datria VoiceXML applications, components, and tools
ejTalk VoiceXML-based conversation manager
Entervoice J2EE-based Voice Application Server
MASC VoiceXML applications suite
NewVoiceMedia VoiceXML applications suite
Nombas VoiceXML SDK
Oracle Voice Laboratory Oracle 9iAS Java J2EE VoiceXML development suite
VoiceObjects VoiceXML application server, and development and administration components
ShopTalk J2EE-based CRM Voice Application Components and Server
Tincell VoiceXML-based interactive voice advertising
TuVox VoiceXML applications for technical support services
Unisys Dialog Server Java application server
Vocent VoiceXML-based voice authentication applications
Vocomo Software VoiceXML application server and components
Voice Components JavaBean-based VoiceXML components for Borland JBuilder
Voxera Dynamic HTML to VoiceXML translation
Voxiva VoiceXML applications for the health care industry
Voxware VoiceLogistics wireless, web-based interactive speech interface solution for logistics and fulfillment operations
VoxSurf VoiceXML messaging applications
WebDynamite VoiceClient voice controlled email application


VoiceXML Development and Consulting Services



Broca Networks VoiceXML application development services
Hidden Mind VoiceXML application development services
Indigo Egg VoiceXML application development services
Loquendo VoiceXML application development tools and services
Metaphor Solutions VoiceXML application development services
Mobile Innovation VoiceXML application development services
PaloVerde Internacional VoiceXML application development services
SpeechCraft VoiceXML application development services
UnRecord VoiceXML "micro transcription" services
Versay VoiceXML application development services
VoiceArchitects VoiceXML application development tools and services
VoicePartners VoiceXML application development tools and services
Voice Web Consulting VoiceXML application development services
Voice Web Services Corporation VoiceXML application development services


VoiceXML Around The World

Organization/Project (sponsor) Location

Web site

VoiceXML Forum worldwide
W3C Voice Browser Working Group worldwide
Voice Special Interest Group
(Software Development Forum)
Silicon Valley, USA Software Development Forum
Palo Wireless Australia
ELVIRA (Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University) Brno, Czech Republic
(Zoom International) Czech Republic
Zvon.Org Czech Republic
Italian VoiceXML Users Group Italy
-- Italy
(2-Way Interactive GmbH) Germany
-- Poland
VoiceXML Central (VoiceGenie) Canada
VoiceWeb S.A. Greece

Other possibly interesting references, publications, and organizations


Overview Sponsor
W3C "specifications" of relevance to "voice web" architecture and interesting related articles Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C
Telecom specifications ECMA International

Jonathan Rosenberg's SIP Site

Lots of good VoIP references and presentations Jonathan Rosenberg
SIP "specifications" and proposals of relevance to "voice web" architecture Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
Telephony Service Language and Protocol proposals Telcordia Applied Research Group

SpeechLink Protocol

SpeechLink protocol documentation and software SpeechWorks and CMU Speech Software Group

Carrier-Grade Linux Working Group

Developing architecture for carrier-grade Linux Open Source Development Lab

AT&T Network Services Interfaces Testlab

Telecommunications technical reference documentation (ISDN, SS7, etc). AT&T

ITU Telecom Standards

Telecommunications Standards International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
Telecommunications Standards Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (USA)
ISDN Guidelines and Recommendations

US Telecommunications Standards for ISDN

North American ISDN Users Forum (USA)

US Telecommunications Policy

Federal Communications Commission (USA)

Number Assignments (Telecommunications Standards) Alliance North American Numbering Plan Administration
Intelligent Transportation Systems,
US Department of Transportation
Intelligent Transportation Systems,
US Department of Transportation
DTMF info

DTMF info


Modular Jack Wiring diagrams (2, 4, 6, 8 pin jacks)

USOC, 258A, 568B wiring standards  

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